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How Accelerated Learning Can Boost Your Brain Power and Change Your Life

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Accelerated learning is a subject that refers to the process of trying to learn more quickly. That might mean learning a new skill or a new language even in a short amount of time (forget “10,000 hours” in other words!).

The good news is that in the age of the internet, it has never been easier to learn lots of new info quickly. We have more resources than ever before, and plenty of tools to help us learn more, faster.

But the simple, most important method for learning more, more quickly? Practicing learning!

The more time you spend practicing your learning, the better your brain will become at learning. You’ll produce more learning neurochemicals (like BDNF) and you will gain new insights into how your brain works and how to employ strategies like mind palaces and mnemonics.

The more you learn, the better you become at learning!

Why do you think children are such great learners? EVERYTHING is new for them. Their brains are awash with learning chemicals!

So why learn to learn? What is the benefit of learning more?

For one, this will enhance your memory. Imagine never forgetting anyone’s names. Imagine being able to reel off facts and figures in front of a group of potential business partners. Imagine being thought of as the most knowledgeable and intelligent person in the room… in any room.

But beyond that, learning more and adding to your list of skills can also help you to progress in literally any field, and become a better version of you.

Too many of us wait for things to be handed to us on a plate. Perhaps you aren’t pursuing further knowledge because you think this is something your employer might provide? You’re waiting to be sent on a course or similar!

Well here’s news: if you do that, then you’ll be left behind.

Instead, try going out of your way to learn new, relevant skills. Learn about the skills you need for the next role. Gain certifications that can complement the qualifications you already have.

When you do this, you become far more employable and you will see your career take off in ways it never has done before.

Finally, learning and constantly gaining new information and knowledge is good for you. This practice can help you to produce more happiness hormones and even prevent the onset of dementia and age-related decline.

Use it or lose it!

5 thoughts on “How Accelerated Learning Can Boost Your Brain Power and Change Your Life

  • Thanks for the info sounds great

  • This is what I need to be doing a few times a week.

  • I strongly believe in this. My 80 y.o. mother loved learning new things on the internet and even started playing driving games on my old PS2. It really helped improve her memory.

  • I agree, you are never too old to learn.

  • What great information!


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