Mokwheel Asphalt Electric Commuter Bike Review-

City ebikes have become a popular choice for urban commuters. Their easier maneuverability and compact design make them a good fit for everyday rides. The Mokwheel Asphalt was launched in September 2023; Mokwheel has promoted it as a city commuter with amazing potential. The 500 W motor and 705 Wh battery promise a positive riding experience.


However, the urban e-bike segment is already flooded with numerous options; for e-bike buyers, it means more confusion when deciding the best fit. Fortunately, in our electric commuter bike reviews, we will be unveiling the Mokwheel Asphalt today; we will talk about its specifications, features, price, and everything you need to know about it. Let’s go!

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Design and Aesthetics

In Mokwheel Electric Commuter Bike Reviews, we noticed an incredible focus on producing a stylish e-bike that grabs viewer’s attention. Mokwheel has maintained their philosophy while designing the Asphalt. It comes in three colors: denim, orange, and khaki; the fenders, handles, crankset, and pedals are black, offering a good contrasting look.

The e-bike’s assembly is easy with the assembly manual that comes with the package. However, you might face some difficulty while arranging the handlebar. In terms of the frame, Asphalt has a standard Aluminum 6061 frame, and the technical components are high quality and durable. The seat is comfortable, but it can be improved for longer rides. The handlebar offers an upright position, so longer rides aren’t draining.

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Technical Specifications

Reviews of electric bikes should start with technical specifications, so without further ado, let’s talk about them. 

The e-bike comes with a 500 W motor that produces 65 Nm of torque. Its acceleration is solid, and with 5 pedal assist levels, riders can ride it up to 28 mph. The throttle-only mode is also efficient, and it can power your e-bike to 20 mph in less than 20 seconds. 


In terms of range, the e-bike has a 48V 14.7 A LG battery, which provides up to 60 miles of range on pedal assist 1. The real-time riding range is higher than other e-bikes, thanks to its compact shape. Riders can expect an impressive 45 miles, riding at an average speed of 18 mph at PAS 3. 

The e-bike’s lightweight of 60 lbs and aerodynamic frame optimize its range compared to other e-bikes with similar batteries. It has a payload capacity of 350 lbs, allowing you to carry additional items without burdening the motor.

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Performance and Handling

An electric bike’s best reviews should consider more than what’s on paper. So, let’s talk about our experience with the e-bike. 

The Asphalt is designed for urban commuting, and the bike’s design and specifications show customer-orientedness from Mokwheel. The Mokwheel Asphalt comes with a torque sensor that allows you to drive at your preferred speed; you can easily move with the traffic’s flow without getting fatigued during your ride. 

The suspension features a 100mm adjustable front fork, which absorbs most bumps that you may encounter in urban settings; if you’re thinking of taking it off-road, the suspension might be a little less efficient. 

The ride is comfortable; the front, rear, and tail lights are effective, adding to the style. The LED provides all the required information from the odometer and is visible in all seasons. Overall, the Asphalt offers a solid ride, and you genuinely enjoy the experience.

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Comfort and Convenience

During our reviews on electric commuter bikes, we use the e-bike for several hundred miles to determine comfort and convenience. Overall, the Mokwheel Asphalt was impressive and exceeded our expectations in comfort. 

The e-bike has a better reactionary suspension than other commuter e-bikes. The Shimano gearing paired with KMC stainless crankset provides effortless shifting between gears; you won’t notice jerks while transitioning from low to high speeds and vice versa. 

The e-bike features a thumb throttle, which is an upgrade over the conventional half-twist throttle. Mokwheel offers customized seats as well to accommodate riders with different preferences; the saddle has a leather covering which makes it comfortable. However, Mokwheel can consider adding extra padding to enhance its comfort.

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Additional Features

The urban e-bike segment has some good e-bikes; so, electric bike reviews in 2023 should consider all aspects an e-bike has to offer. Hence, let’s have a look at some of the additional features of the Mokwheel Asphalt. 

It comes with Tektro’s hydraulic brakes, which are an advancement over mechanical brakes; they are responsive, and their reputation has been largely positive across the industry. The gearing, crankset, and shifter are all on-point, allowing a good experience. 

The cockpit of the e-bike keeps everything under the rider’s accessibility and doesn’t hinder their attention while riding. The torque sensor deserves mention again; it is seldomly included by brands in the price range of Asphalt, giving the ebike an added advantage. 

Mokwheel offers customized options for their e-bikes, which allows riders to embrace their style. You can get additional luggage bags and seats for your bike’s rear.

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Price and Value Proposition

We have finally reached the most awaited part in our urban electric commuter bike reviews – the pricing.

The Mokwheel Asphalt comes in both step-over and step-through variants, with both available for $1399. It’s an exciting price on a standalone basis, considering the e-bike has hydraulic brakes, a torque sensor, and a 60-mile range. 

However, the price gets even better when we compare it to Aventon’s Level 2 or Himiway’s Rambler. The e-bikes are priced at $1799 and $1399, respectively; however, the Rambler has a lower top speed, lower range, and lower payload capacity. While Level 2 has similar features, it’s priced 20% higher than the Asphalt. Hence, we should commend Mokwheel for their competitive price, benefiting e-bike commuters.


Electric commuter bike reviews should provide valuable insights into performance, comfort, and features; we ensured this review covers all the important aspects. 

Overall, the Mokwheel Asphalt is an e-bike made for urban commuters. It has a sophisticated style, a reasonable motor, and helpful features that contribute to a good riding experience. Nonetheless, there are a few areas, such as the saddle, that can be improved. 


Mokwheel has emerged as a customer-preferred brand thanks to their quality, pricing, and customer support. The Asphalt is a good e-bike that can solve your commuting chaos. If you’re looking to purchase the Asphalt, you can head to Mokwheel’s website today. They are offering multiple free add-ons for a limited time, which will sweeten the deal for you. So, don’t miss out!


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