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Help Cope with Grief through Essential Oil Aromatherapy

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Grief hits us so fast and unexpectedly, and it is one of the hardest emotionally traumatic issues from which to relieve yourself.  Grief is an emotion that hangs over your head and it never leaves you spiritually.  All you can do to help fight against grief is to help cope with the feelings.  Some people will turn to drugs or chemicals that are unsafe and have unknown side effects.  Essential oils in aromatherapy are a way to naturally soothe your mind and help relieve yourself from the adverse effects of grief and depression.

Grief comes in several forms.  It can be the effects from loss of a loved one, bereavement, relationship troubles, or even the loss of a job.  Aromatherapy can relieve the stress and pain from all of these sources.  Bereavement is a strong emotional pain that can overcome your life. It stays with you for a lifetime.  Bereavement is extremely painful and it can interfere with you relationships, home life, and eventually your job.

Use of essential oils in aromatherapy can help you battle these emotions and remove your feelings of anxiety and loss of control.  Grief can create a feeling of loss that can kill your soul and build tension in muscles.  It will eventually cause you to lose your health, and you can become sick or ill from the emotional stress.  Illnesses from grief are not uncommon especially when the grief stems from the emotional loss of a loved one.

Using the below essential oils will help you maintain a healthier attitude towards life and it will help your mental state for future endeavors.  Your mental health is more important than you might realize.  It can control your physical health, and a downward spiral of depression can ultimately lead to tragic events.  Using Frankincense and Rose can help you boost your mood and keep your mind balanced from the overwhelming emotions from grief.


Frankincense is a rejuvenating essential oil that can help you balance the out of control emotions that come with the negative effects of grief.  It is an exotic plant extracted from a bush in Africa.  Frankincense is an essential oil that has been used for thousands of years as a therapeutic ingredient to help people relax and aid in meditation.  The ancient herb has been used in ancient religious ceremonies to uplift the spirit and help the mood.


Rose is a unique essential oil that helps balance the mind and relax your spirit and muscles.  It is undoubtedly a feminine oil that makes you feel sensual and soft.  Its effects on the emotional system also uplift and balance your mood. Stabilizing your mood is especially important for those who suffer from grief, so this essential oil is ultimately an emotional solution.

Although feelings of loss and grief cannot be entirely removed, essential oils in aromatherapy will increase your mood and balance your emotions to help you deal with the issues and overcome the depression that accompanies grief.  Use both of these essential oils for an ultimate effect of grief help.  You can also use them individually for their separate benefits.  Use what you can to overcome grief so that your depression does not overcome your mind and spirit.  By using these essential oils, you can begin your journey of feeling better.



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  • I never knew this, but I’m glad i do now. I haven’t used essential oils before, but I do need to start especially with all the great benefits I would get from using them. This post is very helpful!

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  • I have Frankincense. It helps me with anxiety. I have never used rose, and didn’t realize those great benefits. I will need to try it.

  • I love that more and more people are starting to use essential oils, and I’m really glad that there is something to help through grief and loss.

  • I love essential oils. My kids and I each have a diffuser and I have them in most of our rooms. I love the smell and we go to sleep to it.

  • Thank you for the information. I didn’t know about any of this important information until now.

  • I never tried thee before looks good


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