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Fight Depression with Essential Oils

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Depression can hit you at any point of your life.  For some people, depression develops later on in life.  For other people, they are chronically incapacitated from depression since they were children.  Regardless of when depression began in your life, it is important to do something to help boost your self esteem and rid your life from depression.  Depression can cause anxiety and it can ultimately cause you to become unhealthy and physically harm your body.

Depression comes in all different types, forms, and it can be rare outbreaks or it can be a looming cloud over a severely depressed person.  Essential oils can help you overcome depression in your life, and it can give you a boost in attitude and a complete overhaul in how you view your life.  The aromatherapy is a natural way to help you balance mood swings and deal with debilitating depression.  Some people use drugs and other chemicals to deal with depression.  These drugs have unknown side effects, and they can occasionally become a negative impact on the mind.  Aromatherapy is completely natural and it is a safe way to battle depression which has been used for thousands of years.

Not only is depression bad for your mental health, but it can eventually affect your physical health as well.  Depression is also cause stress and stress is a well known killer for people who keep emotions inside.  Depression can cause social anxiety and health issues.  It can be the cause of a loss of appetite, mood swings, and you can lose your job over severe depression.  These are reasons why depression should be contained and dealt with quickly before it becomes out of hand.

Other natural ways to assist essential oils in eliminating depression is daily exercise, efficient nightly stress, and a boost in self confidence.  Essential oils in aromatherapy can help, but coupled with the above activities you can find your depression slowly fading.  Essential oils can help you fight off depression effectively without all the drugs and chemicals.   Aromatherapy penetrates the senses and helps you fight off the negative effects of depression with stimulating fragrances and scents.

The following essential oils in aromatherapy are powerful solutions to help fight off depression.  Jasmine, Lavender, and Neroli are three essential oils that will successfully boost your mood and help you balance your emotions.  The essential oils can be used separately for their individual benefits to help you fight depression.  Use them together as a potent solutions to help rid yourself from depression quickly and efficiently.


Jasmine is a sensual essential oil that helps you assert yourself.  It can relax you beyond the stressful day and it can lift your emotions.  It can also boost your confidence and your self esteem to help overcome the controversy from the day.

Lavender French

Lavender French is a soothing essential oil that can help you mentally relax.  It is an herb from France that has become popular for its therapeutic uses.  It can help balance your mood and release the tension from your mind and your muscles.


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  • what a natural way to try to try this

  • I have never used essential oils, but it’s good to know what they can be used for and the benefits you get from using them.

  • Thanks for this article, I need to try this out.

  • My daughter bought me a diffuser and a box of oils for Christmas. I still haven’t set it up, because I need a longer USB cord so I can plug it in. I am learning about each of these oils. My daughter sears by them. She says she is more relaxed and happy!
    I have never heard of so much depression before than I have heard of nowadays!! This is NO laughing matter! Without saying too much, but my granddaughter turned really quiet. She was always tired and slept constantly and her school grades were worse! Then her mom found out that she was cutting herself!! Well she ended up in a hospital psychiatric ward for 5 months! She was put on antidepressants and she had lots of counseling and met others there her own age. She couldn’t cope with her father’s murder! She is a different woman now. She’ll be 19 this summer. We have to keep our eyes out for others and their moods so they can be helped!! This was pin worthy! Thank you for sharing

  • I use peppermint oil a lot myself! Love it! :”D

  • I love using essential oils. They have proved themselves helpful over and over again. Thank you so much for sharing this great information

  • I loved this information. I am so glad that it tells what essential oils work for and how.

  • I love peppermint and lemon scents.

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  • I have never heard of Lavender French before. I will try anything to help with depression.

  • These essential oils sound very useful. Thanks for sharing!


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