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Every Beauty Mini Pedi Spa!

 I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a product sample from Every Beauty for purpose of review, all opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

I recently received a few products from Every Beauty for review! One was Every Beauty 3-1 Nail File and Every Beauty Foot Smoother. There’s nothing like having your own little mini pedi care system on hand for both your feet and nails.

everybeauty1every beauty foot smoother

I had never heard of this company before, so I was happy to see what their products were all about. Have you ever had a bad nail that needed repairing ASAP but you had no nail file to assist you? Well 3-in-1 Every Beauty Nail File is just the right file to have on hand. It is small, convenient, easy to hold and works quite well. It is shaped like a curve with a stainless-steel file that will allow you to shape any nail to desire form, rounded corners, flat tips or just pointed tips doesn’t matter your quarantined to get a smooth clean result without the hassle of the old regular files that sometimes messing up your nails.

As for Every Beauty Flexible Foot Smoother, I think every woman needs one. Since we are approaching Spring & Summer it is a must that we make sure to have our feet done. During the winter season my feet become dry and crackled, with the Flexible Foot Smoother I can save money by doing my own feet all while in the comfort of my home.

The Foot Smoother is a flexible pedicure pad that has a unique shape that is sure to help smooth any area of your feet. Every Beauty is soft, flexible and removes rough, dry and cracked skin. It is designed to shape and care for any everyone’s feet. Many other stones are hard and unable to reach in certain areas plus I find myself sometimes breaking my skin open when I use most pumice stones all because the area of the pumice stones has small gaps. With the Foot Smoother every area is closed give you a much better effect. It is washable, re-useable and can be used dry or wet. It also has a Dermabrasion coating.


There you have it, your own pedicure system designed to your nails & feet. Visit Every Beauty to learn more about their products!








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