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Newair 15″ Built-in 96 Can Beverage Fridge in Black Stainless Steel

Do you require additional refrigerator room this holiday season for your beverages? Do your kids frequently whine that there aren’t any juices, drinks, or cold tea in the refrigerator?

What if I told you that they can always have their drinks on hand due to the Newair 15″ Built-in 96 Can Beverage Fridge in Black Stainless Steel (model NBC096BS00 ) , and that they can locate all the drinks they want to enjoy this holiday season right at their fingertips?

Newair is one of my all-time favorite brands! You see, their items are not only useful but also elegantly designed, small, durable, and appropriate for every room in your home!

The 15″ Built-in 96 Can Beverage Fridge in Black Stainless Steel from Newair has a very modern appearance! It is designed to fit under your kitchen cabinet counter or to stand alone as a free-standing beverage refrigerator.

IMG 7915 scaled e1668453252265

It has integrated LED illumination that is both practical and stylish, and it is sleek and small. The refrigerator vents out the front, maintaining the unit’s visual appeal while being incredibly practical for installs in tight spaces.

The featured details of the 15″ Built-in 96 Can Beverage Fridge in Black Stainless Steel (model NBC096BS00 ) are as follows:

  • Can hold up to 96 12 oz cans, shelves are easily arranged to accommodate 16 oz cans which is what we see in the Craft Beer market today
  • Digital temperature control that enables you to get down to 36°F. No dials, no guessing
  • A compressor-based fan cooling system which includes a carbon filter to keep the air around your drinks fresh.
  • Size: 22.60″D (24.25″ w/handle) x 14.80″W x 33.75″H, 76 Lbs (empty, of course)
  • 1 Year Warranty, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you receive your unit, you’ll see that it has been properly packaged, and guess what? Removing the packaging was quite simple. The unit was quickly removed from the box and prepared for setup.

The unit was easy to get ready since you only needed to attach the handle. Additionally, two plastic containers could be placed within the appliance; one was for the refrigerator’s bottom, and the other was for desiccant to keep beer and wine corks from oxidizing. These shelves may be arranged to handle both 16 and 12-ounce cans due to the conveniently movable shelves.

IMG 7917 scaled e1668453010508

We turned the unit to 36° F after we had all of our cans inside, and it reached the ideal temperature very quickly. Now the unit’s compressor is relatively quiet, which in my opinion, is a plus! Some beverage fridge units can be a little loud sometimes…not this Newair 15″ Built-in 96 Can Beverage Fridge in Black Stainless Steel. Remember that this beverage refrigerator has an upper temperature limit of 66° F, allowing you to mature and store beers in it as well.

IMG 7929 scaled e1668454114433

We decided to set up this unit in our den room while our kitchen is being renovated. We’ll have this unit installed underneath one of our kitchen counter cabinets once we’ve had our kitchen redone. I am excited to showcase this excellent Newair fridge in my kitchen!

Again, that’s the perk of this Newair 15″ Built-in 96 Can Beverage Fridge; you can place it anywhere in your home! The locking mechanism truly impressed me; I felt it was a neat feature. Particularly if you don’t notice individuals merely entering and exiting this beverage refrigerator or, for that matter, children grabbing drinks when they shouldn’t! Wonderful ideal Newair!

IMG 7925 scaled e1668453865933

Overall, it’s a fantastic beverage refrigerator to have at your home, in your game room, workplace, apartment, or man cave, bar area etc.! Keeping your juices, sodas, and beer cold will undoubtedly save up space in your refrigerator.

It’s wonderful to know that it can hold a variety of cans because it has adjustable shelves. I like that it’s simple to regulate the temperature and that you can easily see your drinks thanks to the incredibly interesting LED lighting system that this appliance has. It’s made of high-quality materials, and yes, the Black Stainless Steel appearance, and design will match well with any type of home decor.

IMG 7927 scaled e1668454628239

You should definitely look into this one, in my opinion. Without a doubt, you’ll be pleased! Check it out right away—it would be the ideal holiday present for any home, including yours!


Don’t forget to visit  NewAir today so you can learn more about the 15″ Built-in 96 Can Beverage Fridge in Black Stainless Steel (model NBC096BS00 ).


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Happy Holiday from NewAir & The Night Helper Blog


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