Bedtime Fussiness and Babies

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If the baby is very small, is a newborn baby then it is accepted that he will get up many times at night. But in the case of older babies, it is not accepted. It is very frustrating for the mother if the baby goes to sleep after a great deal of effort and then keeps waking up frequently. It is a big achievement for the mother if the baby sleeps uninterrupted throughout the night. However, if the baby is not sleeping well then you must start thinking about his daytime activities and how these are affecting his sleeping pattern.

The baby’s biological clock is not yet set up and if you don’t set a routine for them they find it difficult to settle down. Thus you must follow a fixed pattern. They automatically begin to understand when they are supposed to play and when to sleep and so on. When they are small we help them by setting a routine and we follow the routine as far as possible. For instance, in the mornings they can learn that it is a bath, then feed, and then play. At evening they can learn that a story, feed and then lullaby is a bedtime routine. Thus, if you follow this pattern for a while then the kids start remembering it.

You must also keep track of the times your baby has slept during the day. The baby may not go to bed at night because he may not be tired enough. You must play sufficiently with the baby to make him tired by the end of the day. You must also help him in discovering new things and stimulate him during the day. If you are not doing so, then you may have to change your own habits. The baby will then sleep soundly at night.

It varies with the age of the baby, but in any case, he must not take long naps during the day. A baby who is of few months of age should at the most sleep for half an hour. The newborn must sleep for a longer period of time. You should not allow the baby to sleep as much as he wants during the day. If you do so you are sure to have problems at night.

It is good for the baby if you can take him somewhere during the day. You may take the little one to your friend’s house, or to a park or even to the shopping mall. The baby loves the change and is stimulated too. It is something great for them when they see new things and the effort is tiring for them. Thus, they sleep well at night. With the passage of time, their bedtime fussiness will go away and you will not have to bother about it anymore. That is the best part of it all.

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  • I know when my babies where small, I took them every where, I didn’t have wraps like they do now, I made a homemade one from an old sheet, and would wrap the baby on my back and just go. I think from walk, and being outdoors the baby seem fine, I know a few times I have had to ask for help, because my brain just needed a real break .

  • We should know about this bedtime fussiness and babies. This would really mean a lot. Thanks for sharing this one out


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